PRESENTATION:   Consumers and Antibiotic Use: Perspectives and Marketing

Delivered by Midan Marketing Principal Danette Amstein at IPPE, January 2014

At Midan Marketing, when consumers talk, we pay attention.

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about antibiotic use in livestock. We decided to revisit this topic as a follow up to our 2013 “Meat Matters” research and survey consumers to find out how their views had changed in the past year.

So what do today’s consumers think about the use of antibiotics in livestock?

According to our January 2014 survey, 88% of consumers are aware of antibiotic use in in animals, and 55% are concerned about it.

But our research also revealed that consumers don’t have all the facts; plenty of misconceptions and confusion surround the issue. As a result, what consumers don’t know about antibiotics affects how they think about and shop for meat.

You can be part of the solution. Download our presentation to get a real-time picture of consumer attitudes surrounding antibiotic use in livestock, and learn how to tell the antibiotic story in a way that has a positive impact on consumer perceptions and behaviors.

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